Antibes, Maître Artisan Glacier

About Gelateria Del Porto

Welcome to our ice cream paradise

Gelateria Del Porto is a well known ice cream shop in Antibes, France, where the recipes are passed as a family heritage and culture, from father to sons. At the beginning, the shop was based in Juan Les Pins, but from 1996 we moved to old Antibes, near the town hall and the Antibes marketplace. We are working with multiple farmers and distributors, in order to have the maximum of fresh ingredients, so we can bring you the ice cream and sorbet quality that you deserve.

  • Artisanal homemade ice cream and sorbets
  • We use fresh fruits
  • No preservatives or coloring
  • Traditional preparation methods
  • Always refreshing
  • Safe and rewarding for children
  • Only with quality ingredients
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Jean-Marc Voisin

Maître Artisan Glacier

He is a master artisan glacier, working with traditional methods, passed from generation to generation. His passion for high quality summer delights can be seen in the multitude of all natural ice cream and sorbet flavours. He is also a consultant for future businesses, that want to deliver a high quality ice cream experience, all around the world. For more informations, please contact us through the contact form.

Je travaille à l’ancienne, avec ce qu’il a de mieux et l’amour de la glace naturelle

Jean-Marc Voisin